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ASL Ministry

American Sign Language (ASL) interpreted service offered at 10:00am on Sunday mornings upon request.

Certified Interpreter Available at MileHigh Church

“The Deaf are one of the most overlooked and the least evangelized groups in the world with 98% Deaf people still waiting to hear John 3:16. Most Deaf have never seen a Bible story signed in their heart language. Most Deaf have never had anyone explain the Gospel to them. Most have no access to Scriptures. Most churches do not provide outreach to the Deaf community; therefore the Deaf have no real access to hear the salvation message. Deaf people are often abandoned, neglected and isolated, in their families, work places, and sadly even within the church."


For interpreting services, please contact Johnne @ (360) 704-8140 or

Johnne has been interpreting for 20+ years. She has a heart for sharing the Gospel with everyone around her.

Jesus loves his Deaf children and we welcome you here.